Why Choose Us?

We are proud to bring the best from the world and the best supplies to our customers, with personal service. We believe that the human interaction combined with modern communication tools is a winner combo for our customers, who's main activity is to produce plastic parts in the most efficient way, not to distract their attention in supplies and machinery purchasing.
Please give us the opportunity to help your company:
email: sales@cvtechnoplast.com
website: www.cvtechnoplast.com
field: Plastic injection, extrusion, rotational molding, compression molding, EOAT, and all related fields related to the plastic injection industry.


C&V Technoplast was founded in 2013 in San Clemente California, as a response to the need of the plastics industry of the Northwest of Mexico and Southwest of the United States to have a local supplier that could service their plants both in the United States and in Mexico throughout the border states, with catalog prices but personalized service. The concept was reinforced by offering from the most basic consumables to having the ability to equip a complete plant, all under one roof “one stop shopping”. The rapid acceptance of the Market and strong support from its suppliers has made C&V Technoplast grow rapidly until today it has 5 sales and stock branches, strategically located in the Southwest of the United States and Northwest of Mexico; Additionally, it has a technical and commercial company with PRIVARSA to be able to extend the service to the rest of Mexico if our clients require it.